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Day 56
Got bored, so I took these. I’m 17 atm, and that picture was taken when I was 12. And it reminded me of everything over the last 5 years, how much I’ve changed, not just lookswise, but as a person too :)




There is no ‘we’ in ‘food’

but there is an ‘ood’



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It’s been 6 years since The Fires of Pompeii aired. (4x02 12/04/08)  The Doctor Who episode that mysteriously predicted the future of Who.

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I feel like this line right here from Rory is one of the most underrated lines in the whole of the Ponds Era. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this moment on my dashboard before which I can’t quite understand because for me, it’s one of my favourite moments in Rory and Amy’s relationship. It may not be as big a gesture as waiting outside a box for 2000 years or jumping off a building together, but this line just means so much.

Rory is told that he will spend the rest of his life in a hotel room, never being able to see the outside world again, and what is his first and only question? “Will Amy be there?” Because as awful as the situation sounds, he’d be willing to do it if he could have Amy by his side. And that for me is why his moment is so important. I truly believe that if The Doctor had said Amy would be with him, he wouldn’t have even attempted to run or put up a fight. Instead he’d happily spend the rest of his life alone with Amy, never seeing anyone or anything but her. Because that ladies and gentlemen, is just how much Rory Williams loves his wife.

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